Is your company well-equipped to grow?

GrowthWhy do companies succeed in the market?  Why not?  How can they move toward success?

Both market success and market failure are critical to understand if you wish to grow over time.   Simple win/loss analyses don’t provide real answers.  Rather companies need to understand the customers who bring you growth, from their point of view.  They are after all the ones who create those successes and failures through their decisions and actions.

This quick 7-question self-assessment will help you understand how well-equipped your organization is to understand your market, extract game-changing insights and effectively act on that insight.

  • CUSTOMERS – Do we really understand our customers’ overall business goals, challenges, processes and needs and why they buy from us and from others?
    • OR do we just use our own opinions?
  • PARTNERS – Do we understand why our partners have chosen to do business with us?
    • OR do we wonder why they don’t always do what we ask them to do?
  • SEGMENTATION – Do we segment our market based on differing value needs and decision-making behaviors?
    • OR do we segment based on demographics that make targeting easy?
  • VALUE PROPOSITION – Does our Strategic Value Proposition drive all aspects of our business, to align value delivery across the organization?
    • OR is it a marketing afterthought?
  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY – Do our assessments, plans and investments include all aspects of the customers’ journey with us, and do we act on all of these journey issues?
    • OR do we focus on the product itself and hope that others address the rest?
  • COMMUNICATIONS – Do we describe experiences and benefits, clearly differentiating our offers from others?
    • OR do we make the same claims as everybody else, focusing primarily on product features?
  • INVESTMENTS – Does our investment profile match the current priorities of our customers?
    • OR does the profile simply reflect what helped us succeed years ago?

If you don’t like your answers to these questions, please contact us.  We can help.