Customer Retention is NOT boring

We all tend to think of new customer acquisition as the sexy part of selling, and it’s certainly a critical part of growing any business.  But building customer delight well after the sale is critical to long-term success.

  • Retaining a customer is easier than getting a new one.
  • Shorter sales cycles translate to more sales.
  • Accumulated trust makes selling much easier.
  • Better account knowledge – they and you value that one.

Achieving the above takes work, to be sure, but some basic tenets can help you be more successful:

  • Gather customer intelligence about your customers as diligently as they do about theirs.  Use that intelligence to continuously add value to their business, whether or not it involves your products or services.
  • Consult with your client rather than simply transacting sales.  As a sales exec at one of our clients put it, “the less time I spend ‘selling’, the more product I sell.”
  • Be proactive rather than reactive.  Fix problems before the customer realizes that the problems exist.  Treat the installed base as an asset for the customer and for your company.
  • Add value regularly.  Become a valued member of the customer team, helping them achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.