Gain Clarity through Market Focus

Our time-tested Customer Experience Design methodology provides your management team with an information-rich, reality-based view of your marketplace. It means a smarter investment of precious product and market development resources and a well-lit path to market leadership.

Market-Focused Approach

Be vigilant. Live in the reality of what is. Consciously build your business around the experiences most valued by your existing and target customers. Here’s how:

We begin with the common-sense premise that sustainable, profitable growth is achieved first and foremost by understanding the value needs, preferences and possibilities of your selected market(s) and keeping that at the center of all that you do, from engineering through marketing, sales and operations. Only then can you design compelling experiences for customers.

It seems self-evident, yet our experience shows that most organizations stray from a market-focused orientation. Why? Because it’s sexier to pursue products and services that can “change the world” without identifying exactly whose life they can dramatically improve and why they should care. The net result can be disappointing – to you and your customers.

We can help you move into uncharted waters, boldly, creatively and prepared.  Clarity’s field-proven framework includes simple but powerful concepts to successfully address the realities of your marketplace:

  • Value Proposition / Value Exchange
  • Strategic Lifecycle
  • Value Delivery Chain
  • Target market / Value-based Segmentation
  • Customer Journey
  • Value Alignment
  • Customer Experience Design

In addition to supplying intellectual rigor, really exercising these concepts with your management team builds organizational muscle. All functions gain from a shared understanding of customers, markets and partners. Meanwhile, a common vocabulary and point of reference streamlines internal communication and fosters cross-functional collaboration.

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The Customer Experience Design Process

Our strategic process is data-driven. It yields fact-based strategies and tactical realignment grounded in sufficient detail for quick implementation. It follows these rock-solid steps:


Define the target - Bounding the space reduces unnecessary work. What are the customer and solution spaces you wish to examine?

Market Hypothesis - Like any research, this will converge more quickly with a strong hypothesis to validate.  What might customers value?  What might separate the various market segments?


Customer Research – Customers at each level of the value chain are our primary focus. We study their lives deeply – an anthropological view – through open-ended but structured conversations that are designed to build an empathic understanding and uncover insights into their experience needs and your opportunities.

Competitive Intelligence – Rather than building a feature list of what competitors offer today, we work with your team to build a shared view of where competitors are headed and what valued experiences they will likely provide in the future.

Change Analysis – How will changes in the market affect the competitive landscape?  And how can we take advantage of those changes?

Capabilities Assessment - How do our strengths and weaknesses align with the needs and environment described above? And what are we capable of doing about all of this?


Segmentation – Customers cluster themselves into market segments based on their value needs. We uncover these resulting segments through cluster analysis and design the compelling customer experiences that can gain the preference of customers.

Prioritize Investments - Which segments align most closely with the company’s capabilities while offering significant profit potential?  What customer experiences will garner the most market traction and profit, net of investment required?

You will never have perfect information to make the critical decisions above, but approaching your opportunities with this discipline will dramatically improve your odds of success.

In addition to supplying intellectual rigor, actively using these concepts with your management team yields lasting organizational benefits. All functions gain from a shared understanding of customers, markets and partners to predict or explain behaviors and outcomes and to make better product and marketing decisions based on that understanding. Meanwhile, a common vocabulary and point of reference streamline internal communication and foster cross-functional collaboration.

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Customized Engagements

Clarity engagements aren’t prepackaged. We customize the process to your unique needs, timeframe and budget. The market-focused approach embodied in our Customer Experience Design methodology forms the foundation for our thinking.

Combined, the analytical foundation and our investment in proven, repeatable processes provide the outcomes required for:

  • Superior answers to difficult strategic questions, enabled by our proven process
  • Increased confidence in making risky decisions, due to strategic discipline and objectivity
  • Consensus and tight alignment for execution, due to your continuous involvement throughout the process
  • And most importantly, market success!

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