Don't ask your customers what they want; ask them what they do.
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Outbound Clarity™

Winning in the market requires both inbound and outbound market-focused activities. However, ironically, we have found that all too often the link between listening to and selling to the customer gets disconnected and broken. In order to be a truly market-focused organization it is critical that these disciplines feed each other at every opportunity. Outbound Clarity is designed to set a methodology in place to accomplish just that.

In fact, we find that you can dramatically improve both your strategies and outbound marketing by cross-pollinating during the development of each. Segmentation and customer targeting are more actionable in day-to-day activities. Field insights provide strategic depth. And most importantly, your words will be aligned with your actions.

We provide a messaging platform that will fully support your strategies, with benefit-by-benefit detail – the most effective probing questions, elevator pitches, benefit statements, and full descriptions of how customers’ lives change with your offerings – comprehensively backed with supporting facts and proof points to build credibility. You can take it directly to your agency for advertising/PR efforts and use it in-house to develop consistent, on-message collateral and sales presentations.

Outbound Clarity is generally done in conjunction with one of our other offerings, requiring a few weeks to two months. We would be happy to discuss the details with you.